You have secured an interview and are one step closer to getting that dream job! Fantastic news. We cannot stress enough just how important preparing for this interview is!  

If you are partnering with Veracity to find work then we will guide you thoroughly on what to expect during your interview.  We have championed you to our client and have recommended you to be interviewed therefore we do expect you to prepare properly to ensure that you give yourself  the best opportunity to shine. 

We have listed below some basic pointers that you should digest before you attend an interview:


The interview

  • Arrive 10 mins early in order to settle your nerves (any more than 15 mins early is sometimes seen as inconvenient as being late).

  • Take copies of your resume on clean white paper (take one for each interviewee , yourself and always a spare). Carry these in a smart business folder along with the job description if you have been sent one

  • The interview starts as soon as you walk through the door of the building! Smile and say hello to everyone. A positive reaction from other staff (including Receptionist and Administrative Assistant) is an important factor in many clients' evaluation

  • Greet the client with confidence, good eye-contact and a firm (but not bone crushing!) hand shake.

  • Keep your answers succinct, accurate and engaging. Be careful not to miss the point of the question or worse, the point of your answer!

  • A presumptuous, overbearing attitude will offset the finest abilities. Do not cross the line from confident to cocky.

  • Be positive about co-workers, never bad mouth previous positions, companies or employers. No matter how well founded, this will be viewed extremely negatively by the client

  • Throughout the interview be alert, engaged and demonstrate your passion and interest for the role

  • When offered the opportunity, DO ask questions. If your prepared questions have already been answered during the interview and you genuinely don't have any others do NOT simply say you don't have any. Explain that you did have some but they have all been answered already and you're comfortable with everything at this stage.

  • Thank your interviewer(s) for their time and make an enthusiastic and strong statement about your interest in the job, opportunity and company (assuming you are still interested at this stage)

Before the interview

  • Where, when and who? This is obvious but read carefully through the email sent by Veracity which includes these details

  • Do you know where the office/site is and how long it will take you? Do a dummy run if you have time. Keep in mind high traffic times as you may need to legislate extra travel time, being late needs to be avoided at all costs

  • Find out about nearby parking and take change for a parking meter

  • Research the company and the person(s) you are meeting through their company website and other forums such as Linkedin. Read each relevant company page: News, About Us, History, Values etc to get an understanding of the company culture and ethos

  • If your interview is for a site based position (shopping centre/venue/building management) you must ensure that you have visited the site where feasible. The opportunity to refer to your visit will inevitably present at interview and your effort and commitment will be recognised and appreciated by the client. Be sure to form opinions from your visit that you can (sensitively!) convey at interview

  • If you have been sent a job description review and read this carefully, there will no doubt be questions asked based on the responsibilities

  • Make notes throughout your research so that you can ask relevant questions and engage with the interviewer. Demonstrating your interest and passion in the role and company is a very positive message to send to a prospective employer

  • Ensure that you have planned a clean and ironed, professional outfit. We would always suggest formal business attire for an interview even if you are aware that the company is generally a bit more casual. Shoes must be polished. How you present will have a significant impact on the employer's first impression of you