Your CV is the first impression that we and an employer receive about you and your application. The importance of a well-constructed resume cannot be underestimated. 

Competition for a role, at any level, is high and therefore you must give yourself the best possible chance to be considered – this starts with a well written, refined and professionally presented CV where you promote and sell your skills.  Of course it goes without saying that the accuracy of the document and its true reflection of your career and experience is imperative. Never even consider exaggerating or misrepresenting your achievements.  We are thorough in our references, as are most of our clients and therefore these discrepancies will inevitably be exposed raising serious questions about your suitability. 

Unlike other recruiters we do not change your CV into our own template, we feel this document has been created by you and should remain a reflection.  We would however suggest a couple of things to include as starting points: 

  • At the top of the page list your personal details: Name, address, contact numbers, email and it is increasingly common to list your Linkedin URL (eg. our Director's is )
  • Then include a 3-4 line profile which briefly describes you, your experience, skills and aspirations
  • Detail your current employment and then your career history in a reverse chronological list (include company names, dates to and from, your title and where appropriate a brief 1-2 line description of the company)
  • Under each job held succinctly describe your responsibilities and then ideally using bullet points list your key achievements - this is the part in the resume that sets you apart from other applicants and is your chance to shine
  • Include your education and also any qualifications that are relevant to your career
  • Interests 
  • References

Other important things to consider: 

  • The length of your resume should ideally be 2 pages and at the maximum be 3 pages. Employers look for headlines and punchy bullet points, they do not have the time to read 'war and peace' for every candidate
  • SPELL CHECK! Whilst this may seem obvious we still receive CVs with spelling and grammar mistakes- it begs the question whether your claim of a strong attention to detail and accuracy is really to be believed!
  • The format should be professional and elegant, avoid colours, images and complex layouts as this will win you little points with a corporate audience

Whilst time consuming, creating a strong CV can be the difference between being called for that interview or not. Make your CV polished and engaging and impress an employer from the outset.  Put time aside to complete your resume so that you do your career justice - attempting to write this whilst watching your favourite television program is not going to create that perfect document that will sell you.  

Veracity of course are here to provide suggestions and further tips if you would like us to review your resume.  Just contact us on 03 9598 7616 or send your CV to